Alice Oseman Books in Order: Your Complete Guide to the Author's Works - Bookworm Era (2024)

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Alice Oseman’s illustrious writing career began with her debut novel “Solitaire,” setting the stage for a vibrant series of books that continue to captivate young adult audiences.

Her characters, often complex and relatable, navigate the intricacies of modern teenage life, touching on themes of identity, friendship, and mental health.

Reading Oseman’s works in order of publication not only allows one to witness her growth as a writer, but also provides a richer understanding of the characters that recur throughout her universe.

The “Heartstopper” series, arguably Oseman’s most acclaimed work, further expands her fictional world through the lens of a heartwarming romance between two boys. Alongside her series, Oseman has published standalone novels and a variety of other works.

The topics she explores are brought to life with authenticity and depth, each book offering its own unique window into the lives of British teens.

Furthermore, her literary contributions have been recognized beyond the page, laying the groundwork for screen adaptations that reach an even wider audience.

Post Highlights:

  • Alice Oseman’s books provide a dynamic look at teenage life with recurring themes and characters.
  • The “Heartstopper” series enhances the experience of her literary universe through a tender romance narrative.
  • Oseman’s written works have paved the way for adaptations, allowing broader audience engagement.

Solitaire Series

The Solitaire series by Alice Oseman captures the complexities of teenage life through vivid storytelling and relatable characters. Each work focuses on different aspects of the characters’ lives, offering a unique and insightful perspective into their world.


Solitaire is the first novel in the series, introducing you to Tori Spring, a teen navigating the challenges that come with high school, friendship, and identity. It’s the cornerstone of the Solitaire universe and sets the tone for accompanying stories.

Nick and Charlie

Nick and Charlie are characters you might already admire from Solitaire, and they have their own novella. This story delves deeper into their relationship, focusing on the personal developments and trials they face together.

This Winter

The novella This Winter gives you an intimate look into the lives of the Spring family during a colder, challenging time, shedding more light on Tori’s relationship with her brother Charlie and his boyfriend Nick.

Heartstopper Series

Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper series is a deeply touching graphic novel collection that follows the lives of Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, starting from their time in an all-boys school. Engaging artwork and heartfelt storytelling are the hallmarks of these books.

Heartstopper Volume One

In the first volume, you’re introduced to Charlie, an openly gay student, and Nick, a rugby player. Their unlikely friendship soon blossoms into something more, touching on themes of identity, friendship, and first love.

Heartstopper Volume Two

Continuing the journey, Volume Two delves into the evolution of Charlie and Nick’s relationship. As they contend with misunderstandings and feelings, readers are given a heartfelt look into their personal growth.

Heartstopper Volume Three

The relationship between Charlie and Nick deepens in the third installment, navigating the complexities of mental health and the external pressures of their world. This narrative layer adds depth to Oseman’s portrayal of authentic teen life.

Heartstopper Volume Four

Volume Four sees Charlie and Nick facing new challenges as they come out to their peers. The volume tackles the intersection of friendship circles and school dynamics amidst a burgeoning romance.

Untitled Heartstopper Volume Five

Details about the fifth volume are yet to be released, but anticipation is high for the continuation of Charlie and Nick’s journey. Based on Oseman’s track record, it’s expected to be replete with emotional honesty and charm.

Standalone Novels

Alice Oseman’s standalone novels are impactful reads featuring unique characters and compelling storylines.

Radio Silence

Radio Silence follows the story of Frances Janvier, who finds solace in her mysterious podcast host friend, Aled Last. This novel takes you on a journey through the pressures of academia and the importance of finding your own path.

I Was Born For This

In I Was Born For This, you delve into the lives of Angel Rahimi and Jimmy Kaga-Ricci. Their worlds collide in an unexpected turn of events that examines fame, fandom, and friendship in the digital age.


Loveless narrates the self-discovery of Georgia Warr as she starts university, exploring the themes of asexuality and aromanticism. It’s a profound look at identity, platonic relationships, and the spectrum of human connection.

Other Works

Alice Oseman has expanded her literary universe with additional works that provide a deeper insight into her established characters and their worlds. These works complement the main novels and are a treat for dedicated fans who wish to explore further.

The Heartstopper Yearbook

The Heartstopper Yearbook offers a unique glimpse into the lives of the beloved characters from the Heartstopper series. This work provides illustrations, character profiles, and behind-the-scenes content that enrich your understanding of the Heartstopper universe. Whether you’ve just started the series or are a long-time fan, this yearbook is a charming companion to Alice Oseman’s storytelling.


Alice Oseman’s literary universe has seen successful screen adaptations that you might find engrossing. The most notable is Heartstopper, which transitioned from a graphic novel series to a Netflix show, praised for its authentic representation and heartwarming narrative. The Heartstopper adaptation boasts impressive ratings, such as a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, underscoring its acclaim among critics and audiences alike.

  • Heartstopper – Adapted into a Netflix series
    • Season 1 released, with subsequent seasons anticipated

The Netflix series closely follows the storyline of the original Heartstopper graphic novels, ensuring a faithful representation of the characters and their journey. It’s an uplifting tale charting the lives of two British schoolboys navigating friendship and young love.

Your enjoyment of the series isn’t contingent on having read the graphic novels, but you may appreciate the depth of character development and context provided by the original material. Since adaptations can add layers of interpretation, you have the opportunity to experience the Heartstopper world through multiple creative lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating through Alice Oseman’s literary world can be both exciting and a tad complex. This section aims to clear up some of the common queries to ensure your reading experience is both enjoyable and seamless.

What is the chronological order of the Alice Oseman books featuring Nick and Charlie?

The story of Nick and Charlie originates in the novel Solitaire, followed by the Heartstopper graphic novels. For further insights into their relationship, the novellas “This Winter” and “Nick and Charlie” flesh out their story in more detail.

How should one proceed through the Heartstopper series by Alice Oseman?

You’ll want to start with Heartstopper Volume 1 and follow the series sequentially, as each volume continues the storyline of Nick and Charlie from where the last book ended.

Can you list the correct order to read the Solitaire series by Alice Oseman?

While Solitaire is a standalone novel, it is followed by the novellas “Nick and Charlie” and “This Winter.” Both of these can enrich the understanding of the characters introduced in Solitaire.

Which book by Alice Oseman is considered her most celebrated work?

Alice Oseman is widely recognized for her graphic novel series Heartstopper, with its notable impact on readers and the YA genre. The series has garnered a passionate fan base and critical acclaim.

Does the novel Loveless exist within the same universe as Heartstopper?

Yes, Loveless shares the same universe as Heartstopper. Some characters from Heartstopper and other works by Alice Oseman make appearances, showcasing an interconnected world.

In what way does Nick and Charlie’s story connect with the events in Solitaire?

Nick and Charlie first appear as secondary characters in Solitaire, with the graphic novel series Heartstopper then centering on their blossoming relationship. Their story is expanded within the world introduced in Solitaire.

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Alice Oseman Books in Order: Your Complete Guide to the Author's Works - Bookworm Era (2024)


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