Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (2024)

After collecting data for about a month, I have finally come to the point where I can start writing articles, yay! Have you ever wondered what the best wands for max level PvP are? Do you know which wands prodigious overlords use? While there may be a difference between what is thought of as the best wands and what is actually being used, I think we still benefit from taking a look at what wands overlords are using right now.

The Overlords

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I have been collecting overlords in the Arena in the period between the 16th of June and the 10th of July.

As you can see in the table, the largest group are the Prodigious overlords (100 wizards). The second largest group are the Grandmasters (88 overlords), closely followed by Legendaries (71 wizards). After that, the numbers start to dwindle.

In this guide, I am only looking at Prodigious wizards, but don’t you worry, there will be an overview for lower level wizards coming soon as well.

Please note that this information was collected before the July Test Realm, which might cause certain changes in people’s preferences.

Prodigious Overlords’ PvP Wands

For level 110 overlords, wands from packs have been very popular. Of 100 overlords, 76 used a wand from a pack. Why? The most important factor is probably the Critical and Critical Block you get from Pack wands. The may cast spells are an interesting addition as well.

1. Terror’s Hoard Pack

Terror’s Hoard pack wands are the most popular right now, as 55 overlords use one of them. To begin with, there are three options available when it comes to Terror’s Hoard wands, though their differences are minor. All three of the wands have a may cast attack astral spell, good critical and critical block, some damage and some pierce.

  • Fortune Teller’s Eternal Gaze
  • Fortune Teller’s Peerless Eye
  • Eye of the Soothsayer

Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (2)

Fortune Teller’s Eternal Gaze

This wand was used by 31 wizards of level 110. One of them used the level 100+ version, while the rest has stuck to the max level version.

As you can see from the image, the Eternal Gaze wand gives 118 critical as well as 118 critical block at level 110. The 9% damage is school specific on these wands, so this is best fit for Fire, Ice and Storm wizards.

My data confirms that overlords of these three schools are indeed the ones to use this wand. This wand is used by 31 overlords, of which 3 were Storm, 11 Fire and 17 Ice.

This wand comes with the best Pierce of all three: 5%. The may cast attack spell is for the Sun school: Shift Akhtang does 1000 sun damage.

Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (3)

Fortune Teller’s Peerless Eye

This wand was used by 14 overlords. Of these, 12 used the max level version, while 2 had the level 100+ version equipped.

The Peerless Eye wand gives the same amount of critical and critical block of the Eternal Gaze (118 of each).

The damage this wand gives is universal: the damage of any school will be boosted by 6%. This makes this wand suitable for wizards of all schools. This wand is the most popular among Balance wizards (10 overlords use it), but there are also 2 Fire and 2 Ice wizards using it.

Of these three, Peerless Eye has the least Pierce: only 3%. Its may cast attack spell is of the Moon school: Shift Chaney does 1000 moon damage.

Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (4)

Eye of the Soothsayer

This wand was the least popular of the three, with only 10 overlords using it (probably due to the lower popularity of the schools it is meant for). Of these 10, there were 8 overlords with the 110 version and 2 with the 100+ version.

This wand has a little less critical and critical block than the other two, though 110 for both is still a decent number. While this wand doesn’t give any Pierce, it does increase your Power Pip chance by 6%.

This wand gives 10% damage for the Spirit schools Life, Death and Myth. As such, it is the most useful for these three schools, which you can also see from my data: 6 Life wizards, 2 Death wizards and 2 Myth wizards carry this wand around with them.

The may cast attack spell is called Shift Blackwater and does 1000 star damage on the opponent.

2. Wands dropped by Malistaire the Undying

Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (5)Malistaire‘s wands are a popular alternative for Pack wands, with 23 overlords sporting one of these. These wands especially seem to appeal to Balance wizards, of which 18 use their Malistaire wand. The other overlords that use Malistaire’s wand are 2 Lifes, 1 Myth, 1 Fire and 1 Death.

As you can see from the picture, the Balance version of this wand offers 100 Critical and 95 Critical Block, as well as 11% Balance Pierce.

It’s interesting to note that, especially for Balance wizards, wands don’t seem to allow for a lot of variation: the Sorcerers that don’t use Malistaire’s wand all carry the Peerless Eye wand. It’s clear that these are the two best options for Balance at this point.

Compared to the Peerless Eye, this wand has a little less block, a lot more pierce and a loss of 6% damage. Balance wizards also lose the may cast attack when they pick the Staff of the Void Stalker over the Fortune Teller’s Peerless Eye. All in all it seems to be an okay crowns free alternative.

3. Keeper’s Lore Pack

Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (6)Keeper’s Lore pack wands are the second most popular group of pack wands (and the third most popular group of all wands), with 9 overlords carrying one of these around. While there are three versions of this wand as well (Silver Order of the Spiral, Order of High Glory Banner and Golden Dragon Fear Banner), only the Silver Order of the Spiral appears at max level. This is clear once you look at the difference in the stats between the three: the Silver Order has 100 Critical Block (higher than both of the others) and 24% Outgoing Healing (compared to 19% and 8%).

This last tidbit of information should give away which school uses this wand the most: Life. Of the 9 wizards using this wand, 7 were Life, 1 Death and 1 Ice. This wand doesn’t offer any Critical, so it’s not very appealing to wizards using a tactic that isn’t centered around healing.

4. Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Third in pack wand popularity at max level is the Road Warrior’s Hoard pack, used by 7 overlords. While this is the most recent pack (March 2016), it still doesn’t outshine the Terror’s Hoard Pack’s popularity (June 2015). Again, there are three wands to choose from. All three of them have decent critical block, and damage for 2 of the schools. They are also currently the only wands that have a socket to attach a jewel to! It’s a square slot, which traditionally gets filled with a Critical Block jewel.

  • Road Legend Skull
  • Rapturerider’s Skull
  • Deathmetal Skull

Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (7)Road Legend Skull

This wand offers 115 of both Critical and Critical Block. In addition, you get 10% Ice and Myth Damage. You also get 4% Pierce.

The may cast attack spell is called Punklops, does a little bit of Myth damage and leaves a trap for both Ice and Myth. As such, it is most suitable for Ice and Myth wizards. All three of the overlords using this wand were indeed Ice.

The fact that the maycast is Myth and not of an Astral school (like the Terror Hoard’s wands), is working against these wands. It makes this wand unsuitable for Myth wizards, as they could be using all their Myth blades when they least want to.

Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (8)

Rapturerider’s Skull

Rapturerider’s Skull offers a little bit more of both Critical and Critical Block (120 of each, which is a tiny bit more than on the more popular Terror’s Hoard wands). With this wand, you get 5% armor Piercing.

In addition, this wand gives 8% damage for Life and Storm attacks. It also has a may cast attack spell, which does a little Life damage and leaves a trap for both Life and Storm. Not surprisingly, this wand is used by 2 Life wizards and 1 Storm wizard.

Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (9)Deathmetal Skull

This wand is the least popular of the three, with only one (Death) overlord using it. This is hardly surprising, since the wand gives 10% Death and Fire damage, as well as a may cast which does some Death damage and leaves a Death and Fire trap.

The wand has excellent Critical and Critical Block at 115 and offers 4% Pierce.

It’s definitely not a bad choice for Death wizards; there just happen to be so few around that this wand doesn’t appear very often. In addition, the maycast could work against a Death wizard, since it’s a Death school attack. A Death wizard could be losing precious blades. Fire wizards definitely seem to prefer the Fortune Teller’s Eternal Gaze over this wand.

5.The rest

I think we can bundle the rest of the wands under one title, since they aren’t very significant.

First off, of the 100 level 110 overlords, there were 3 carrying a Mandolin. Mandolins come from the Hoard of the Hydra Pack. As usual, there are three versions: the Levee Breaking Lute, the Mandolin of Everymore and the Misty Mountain Mandolin. There is one max level overlord in my data carrying the Mandolin of Evermore (known for its Guardian Spirit card) and two max level overlords with the Misty Mountain Mandolin. I’m not exactly sure why this wand is being used. Its greatest asset is thBest Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (10)e fact that it gives 137 Critical Block, while also giving a 7% incoming and 7% outgoing healing boost.

Two people were satisfied with a Shaman’s Lore Pack wand: Teeth of the Lords of Night. This wand gives 160 Critical Block, which is actually the highest of all the wands included in this article. It has nothing else going for it. One of the wizards using it was a Death, the other a Life.

One lonely overlord was satisfied with a critical wand: the Shard Warrior’s Hammer from the Jewel Crafter’s Bundle. This wand gives +170 critical rating; more than any other wand in this article. Its block is sadly lacking: it has only 55 critical block. This wand is purely aggressive, which can also been seen by its 9% armor piercing. I don’t know if this was an overlord dressed to go farm something, or whether he just has a very aggressive play style. If anyone knows John GriffinHand, go and ask him yourself XD.


All in all, it seems we can conclude that the majority of overlords find a pack wand to be a necessity for max level PvP. Still, some credit has to be given to the 23 sporting a wand dropped by Malistaire the Undying. This last option seems to be especially viable for Balance wizards.

Which wand do you use, or which one would you like to get?

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Best Wands for Level 110 PvP - Final Bastion (2024)


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