How to Claim a Prize (2024)

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Claiming at a Lottery Customer Service Center

To claim your prize at a Lottery Customer Service Center, you may need to setup an appointment. In Schenectady, appointments are not available, please walk-in for service. Buffalo and Syracuse are not able to accommodate walk-in service at this time, appointments are required.

You will need to bring your winning ticket, fill out a Winner Claim Form and show a valid, government-issued ID. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • US/Foreign Passport
  • Driver License or Non-Driver ID
  • Driver Learner Permit
  • Government ID
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • Birth Certificate and a form of photo ID with name
  • US Military ID
  • Social Security Card or Federal Taxpayer ID Certification must be presented with these forms of ID:
    • New York City ID
    • New York State Benefit ID Card
    • MTA Reduced Fare MetroCard

Your Winner Claim Form must include your Social Security Number, TIN or FEIN. Your claim will be processed on-site unless your prize is a Jackpot win, a Mega Millions prize of $500,000 or more, or a Powerball prize of $50,000 or more. These claims will be provided to the Lottery’s Schenectady headquarters for processing.

Make a copy of your Winner Claim Form and winning ticket and hold onto them until you receive your prize. Schedule an appointment at a New York Lottery Customer Service Center.

Lottery Customer Service and Prize Claim Centers

Lottery Customer Service Centers can process up to 30 winning tickets per visit. Players may leave additional tickets for processing.
Prize Claim Centers are located at Video Gaming Facilities and Casinos. You must be 21+ to claim at casinos. Powerball® prizes less than $50,000 and prizes less than $250,000 for all other games can be claimed at Prize Claim Centers.


How to Claim a Prize (1) Customer Service Center

How to Claim a Prize (2) Prize Claims Center

*View Claim Center details: Hover over pins for info, click to keep modal open

Find a Claim Center

Choose your county from the drop-down list to find a claim center near you.

Choose your county from the drop-down list to find a claim center near you.

Select Your County

*Only counties with active claim centers listed.

Claiming by Mail

Winning tickets for all amounts may be mailed to the address below. Complete the ticket back and include a completed Winner Claim Form (download link above). Make a copy of the front and back of your ticket, as well as the completed Winner Claim Form. We recommend you use registered mail to track your mailing. Please be sure to include a return address:

New York Lottery

PO Box 7533

Schenectady, NY 12301-7533

Remember! Draw Game prizes must be claimed within one year of the draw date. Scratch-Off Game prizes must be claimed within one year from the announced end of the game. Winning Scratch-Off ticket Prize Claim Deadline information can be found by finding your game's individual page, or in the Game Report PDF, on the Scratch-Off Games Page. If you do not see the game listed, it’s likely past its Prize Claim Deadline. You may use the Contact link to confirm a ticket’s Prize Claim Deadline has passed.

IMPORTANT: Starting April 4, 2023: Any vouchers from video lottery facilities must be cashed in person or by U.S. mail by the facility where the voucher was issued. Such vouchers may be cashed up to one year from the date of issuance. Vouchers may no longer be claimed at Lottery Claim Centers (except for those issued prior to April 4 and older than 45 days).

How to Claim a Prize FAQs

What payment options are available if I win a Jackpot prize?

Scratch-Off Games -Some Scratch-Off Games only offer the jackpot prize as one lump-sum payment, however, as of May 1, 2013, a new Scratch-Off Game annuity jackpot claimant now has the choice of a lump sum prize payment or the announced annuity payment.

Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, or Cash4Life -There are two jackpot payment options available if you win a jackpot prize from any of these games: annuity payments or lump sum cash value. Whether you choose lump sum or annual payments, all payments are made by direct deposit wire two to three business days after the required press event.

How are “For Life” prizes paid out?

“For Life” prizes may be paid annually or as a one-time payment, depending on how you choose to receive your prize. When you come in to claim your ticket, your options will be discussed.

When do I receive my jackpot prize?

Once your prize claim has been approved by the Lottery, and the Press and Community Relations Office completes your media announcement, your lump sum or initial payment will be electronically transferredto the bank account of your choice. We’ll tell you more when you first claim your prize!

How can I tell if my Scratch-Off Game is a winner?

Each Scratch-Off Game has features that help to identify whether it is a winning ticket. In addition to the number and/or symbols used for game play, each has a caption printed under it with either the spelling of the number or an abbreviation of the number. Both the number and caption must match to identify a winning ticket and the validation codes on the ticket must match the Lottery's computer records for the game. You can also take your Scratch-Off Game to a retailer or scan it with our mobile app to confirm its status.

What if I lose my winning Lottery ticket?

All Lottery tickets are bearer instruments, meaning the tickets are like currency. If you lose your ticket and it does not have your signature on it, anyone can use the ticket to claim a prize. If you lose your ticket, please contact a Customer Service Center. Remember to always sign the back of your tickets right away.

Can I claim a prize while I’m in another country?

Yes. Since you're overseas, you can download a Winner Claim Form and mail it to: New York Lottery PO Box 7533 Schenectady, NY 12301-7533.

What is the deadline to claim a prize on a Scratch-Off Game?

Prize Claim Deadlines are posted on each Scratch-Off Game’s individual page (find your game here).

Do I have to choose a payment option at the time I buy my ticket or subscription to LOTTO, Mega Millions or Powerball?

You don’t have to choose a jackpot payment option at the time of purchase. If you win a jackpot, you will have up to 60 days to choose from the date you claim your prize at a Lottery Customer Service Center.

Where can I claim the free play of a Take 5 Quick Pick Prize?

The bonus prize of a Take Five Quick Pick is called a Free Play. It can be redeemed at any retailer location within 45 days of the draw date.

What if I die before I receive all my jackpot payments?

The Lottery will continue making payments to the original prize winner, the estate of a deceased prize winner, or whoever the Lottery is ordered to pay pursuant to an appropriate judicial order. This is according to New York State Tax Law Section 1613. Lottery payments will not be accelerated upon a prize winner's death.

Can I cash my Cash4Life, Mega Millions or Powerball winning ticket in any of the other states that offer these games?

No, sorry! Winning tickets must be cashed in the state in which you purchased them. This is because the states with Cash4Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball run independent computer systems that can’t process or validate tickets from the other states.

Will it be announced that I’ve won the lottery?

You may be required to attend and participate in a press event and public announcement. The New York Lottery is a government agency and Lottery prizes are public funds, so we owe it to all our players to disclose the names of winners. If you’re a Lottery winner, your name and city of residence may be public information, but we won’t release your street address or telephone number. The Lottery requires personal information from prize winners pursuant to its authority under Tax law Section 1604 to operate and administer the New York Lottery, which includes the marketing and advertising of the Lottery and the identification of the person entitled to a prize award. The Lottery may defer the determination of a prize claim pending a claimant's participation in a news conference, announcement, the conclusion of any investigation, or litigation concerning the right to a prize.

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How to Claim a Prize (2024)


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