Moros' Tree Roots Guide - Final Bastion (2024)

Shadow Palace, Khrysalis

The Spirit Plane is a repeatable instance in the Shadow Palace area. The Doom Tree Moros, Morganthe’s soon to be tree of creation, offers to tangle you in his roots in the celestial plane. Yikes! Floating ghostly skulls appear in the cloudy sky and illuminations from his branches fill the area around him. Below, four tree roots are ready for battle.

*Don’t miss the Obelisk Orb off to the far left after the battle.

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The opponents: Four Rank 14 bosses of Death, Myth, Life and Balance begin with 10 pips. Their health varies between 15, 870 to 16,434. Defeat them in one shot or you won’t like what happens.

I chose to Feint each one and use several blades along with an all enemy attack. Bring friends to add Feints and blades to expedite the battle. Watch how we handled it in the video below. You could choose to double Feint here and use fewer blades. It really depends on the amount of your spell’s damage and your personal preference. A stun strategy will not work as they are all Stun Imune.Moros' Tree Roots Guide - Final Bastion (2)

These opponents do like to throw punches, so if you solo, you might do well with a few heals, Empowerment and uber resistant gear. They will critical, stun, weaken, infect, dispel and use global fields. They do use 10 pip spells, Earthquake, Medusa, Nova and other spells that will slow you down if they are used.

This instance is a single battle and red wisps surround the sigil. Don’t hesitate to quit and start over if you get slammed in the first turn. It could be helpful to send a tank in first round to take the majority of the hits, particularly the Medusa. The number one thing to remember is to knock them out with one hit and you will never see the cheat.

“Chop a little away each time”

When you defeat a single or multiple Tree Roots without defeating all of them, the remaining Tree Roots summon a minion, or mini Tree Root. The mini Tree Root selected is based upon the Tree Root that is still battling in this order: Death, Myth, Life, Balance. They summon at the end of the round. (It takes a round for the cheat to transfer, so the Myth/Life/Balance will summon the following round.)

To further explain, if you defeat a Tree Root, the Death Tree Root (if standing) will begin to summon a Rank 14 Elite Death Tree Root at 5,682 health in each of the empty battle spaces that remain. If the Death is defeated, the Myth will summon Rank 14 Elite Myth Tree Roots of 5,655 health to fill the empty spaces. If Death and Myth are defeated already, the Life Tree Root will summon Rank 14 Elite Life Tree Roots at 5,736 health. If Death, Myth and Life are defeated already, then the Balance will summon Rank 14 Elite Balance Tree Roots at 5,790 health. They will continue filling all empty battle stations where the defeated Tree Roots no longer stand.

Moros' Tree Roots Guide - Final Bastion (3)You can expect this cheat to start a round after the Tree Root’s defeat. As with many other minions, they appear in the circle of play the round after they are summoned. This cheat is incredibly annoying. Don’t miss your OHKO!

Example: You use an all enemy attack and you defeat the Death, Myth and Life Tree roots; however you fail to defeat the Balance Tree Root. You have one chance, on the next turn to defeat it. If you do not, you will see “Chop a little away each time” and Balance minions will be summoned to fill the empty spots.

Special thanks to Corwin for spending over an hour and a half with me testing to fully understand how they react. If you happen to find something different, please let us know in the comments below.

The level 95 +1 pip decks are the #1 drop. Reportedly the Archangel gear drops here too. You can receive level 98 no auction gear too.

This article was written during test realm, have you noticed anything different? Let us know in the comments below. Do you have any other tips or found any great drops to help future readers? Add those too!

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Moros' Tree Roots Guide - Final Bastion (2024)


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