Obituary for Dr. Kenneth Edward Aboussie at Lunn's Colonial Funeral Home (2024)


Dr. Kenneth Edward Aboussie passed from this life on Friday, June 21, 2024 surrounded by his wife, children, family, and friends.

Lovingly known as “Kenny,” “Doc,” “Uncle Ken” and “Jiddo” by his family and friends, he went home to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ after a ten- month battle with cancer.

Kenny was born on November 25, 1944 in Wichita Falls, Texas to a wonderful family. He was the second born of Eddie and Marjorie Aboussie’s four children, who to this day share a tight-knit sibling bond. He was also the grandson of four Lebanese immigrants and was proud of his Lebanese heritage.

Kenny attended Wichita Falls High School and graduated in 1962. He was a running back on the Coyotes 1961 Texas 4A State Championship Football Team his senior year.

He went on to the University of Oklahoma in 1962 with tuition money saved for “just one semester” and a dream to play college football. He was one of 52 players who walked-on to the OU football team in the fall of 1962, and he was one of only two players who would later be awarded a full scholarship by legendary Oklahoma football coach Bud Wilkinson. His earning of a full college scholarship was a defining moment which changed the trajectory of his life and demonstrated his dedication to hard work. Kenny was also a member of Sigma Chi, where he was an officer in the fraternity and developed many lifelong friendships.

Following graduation from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree, Kenny went on to pursue his next dream. He was accepted to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Dentistry in 1966 and graduated in 1970 as a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

In 1968, Kenny enlisted in the Army Reserves while in Dental School and upon graduation, Dr. Aboussie went into active duty with the rank of Captain. He was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs and served as a dentist in the United States Army for a total of eight years, two years of active duty and six years in the Army Reserve.While in dental school, Kenny began dating the love of his life, Donna. They were married in Altus, Oklahoma on June 14, 1969. They would be married for 55 years “until death do us part.” Kenny passed away exactly one week after celebrating their milestone anniversary. Kenny loved Donna with all his heart and was always honored to call Donna his beautiful bride.

Kenny and Donna moved home to Wichita Falls in 1972 to establish Kenneth E. Aboussie, D.D.S. Family Dentisty. Kenny (with a lot help from Donna) built a successful family dental practice in Wichita Falls. He loved providing care to and forming relationships with the young and the old from all walks of life. He particularly enjoyed providing care to under resourced children in his children’s clinic. At the time of his retirement in 2017 Dr. Aboussie had practiced dentistry for 45 years.

Outside of his dental practice, Kenny served in leadership roles for numerous faith- based organizations — including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Young Life, All Saints Episcopal Church, Special Olympics, YMCA and the Edna Gladney Home.

One of Kenny’s greatest joys with Donna was raising their three children, all of whom he often spoke of with pride and a smile on his face. Kenny was the coach of every youth sports team his children participated in, the “Chief” of their Indian Guides (and Indian Princess groups) and a father-figure to many of their children’s friends. Kenny was always present and a source of wise counsel, encouragement (and a source of jokes) to his children and their friends. He never missed a practice, a game, a PTA meeting, school or social event for any of his children. He was an unequivocally devoted father.

He was unmatched in his sacrificial love, support and interest in his children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. His incredible example of hard work, humility and commitment to family left a lasting impression on them.

Kenny adored his children Leah Aboussie Gaither of Dallas, Kenneth Aboussie, Jr. of Dallas and Jimmy Aboussie of Dallas along with his son-in-law Greg Gaither (married to Leah) and his daughter-in-law Kamela Hollis Aboussie (married to Kenneth). He treasured his seven grandchildren: Grayson and Haley Gaither; Jack and Claire Aboussie; Bowen, Benjamin and Hollis Aboussie. He was affectionately called “Jiddo” by his grandchildren.

Kenny is also survived by his sisters and brothers-in-law: Carol and John Burnam of Fort Worth; Marilyn Aboussie and John Hay of San Angelo and his brother and sister-in-law Joey and Bobbie Aboussie of Wichita Falls, and by 14 nieces and nephews who lovingly called him “Uncle Ken” along with Tracey Gibson Hedrick to whom he was a “second father” and her husband Marc Hedrick.

A special thanks to Kenia Loa who has loved and cared for the Aboussie Family over the past 17 years and has been a dedicated caregiver during Kenny’s final ten months.

A visitation will be held at the Grace Church Chapel in Wichita Falls on Wednesday, June 26 from 4:30 – 6:30 PM and a Memorial Service celebrating Kenny’s life will be held at 1:30 PM on Thursday, June 27 at the Grace Church Chapel.

The Pallbearers will be Benjamin Aboussie, Bowen Aboussie, Eddie Aboussie, Jack Aboussie, Joseph Aboussie, Grayson Gaither, Greg Gaither and Marc Hedrick II. The Honorary Pallbearers will be Kenny Bryant, John Cunningham, Jerry Gossett, Jim Marks, Carr Staley and Jim Williamson

For those wishing to do so, contributions in memory of Dr. Kenneth Aboussie may be made to Grace Church or Young Life of Wichita Falls.

Obituary for Dr. Kenneth Edward Aboussie at Lunn's Colonial Funeral Home (2024)


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