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Old Forge is a village of about 750 people (2010) in the Adirondacks. As one of the western gateway communities of the Adirondack Park, Old Forge forms an extensive business district, primarily directed at tourism especially during the summer months.


Old Forge is a formerly-incorporated village in the southwestern corner of Adirondack Park, serving as point of entry to the park from a large area of Central New York. An Adirondack ski resort known for its lake-effect snow, the tiny village holds one of the records for the lowest winter temperatures in New York, at -52 °F (-46 °C) on February 17, 1979.

Get in[edit]

Old Forge – Travel guide at Wikivoyage (2)

Map of Old Forge

  • From Herkimer, take NY 28 northbound.
  • To pick up NY 28 from Utica-Rome use NY 12 northbound (from Utica and I-90) or NY 365 (Rome).

Get around[edit]

A car would be the best way to get around, but there are scenic railroad rides and cruises for seeing the area in depth.

By boat[edit]

By train[edit]

By snowmobile[edit]

  • Towns of Webb & Inlet Snowmobile Trail, 3140 State Route 28 (visitors' info centre). Network of groomed scenic trails open early December to April Fool's Day (weather permitting); permits available at visitor's info (+1-877-OLDFORGE) and other locations. Trails connect to the Central NY regional network. $45-80/snowmobile permit.


  • Goodsell Museum, 2993 Main St, +1 315 369-3838. Tu-Sa 10AM-3PM. Local history museum in listed heritage house; various books and reprints of old maps for sale by the town's historical society.


  • 1 Enchanted Forest Water Safari, 3183 State Route 28, +1 315 369-6145. A major amusem*nt park and water park destination in New York. Calypso's Cove Family Fun Center adjacent; the same company also operates an inn and a campground. $30/person. Old Forge – Travel guide at Wikivoyage (3) Old Forge – Travel guide at Wikivoyage (4)
  • 2 Experience Old Forge. - located in Old Forge
  • 3 McCauley Mountain Ski Area, +1 315 369-3225. Alpine ski hill, Last Run Café (+1 315 369-2551, winter only) and ski shop (instruction, rentals) (+1 315 369-3144). McCauley Mountain offers a 633 foot vertical drop, 21 ski trails, one double chairlift, two T-bar and two rope tows. In summer, the chairlifts operate for sightseers daily (except W) 9:30AM-4:30PM mid-June to Labor Day and F-Su until Columbus Day ($5/person, $4 for ages 6-16 and over 65, children age 5 and under free.) Old Forge – Travel guide at Wikivoyage (5) Old Forge – Travel guide at Wikivoyage (6)
  • The western terminus of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail is found near Old Forge. The water trail continues on for approximately 700 miles to the eastern terminal in Fort Kent, Maine. The route runs through public and private lands. It is based on routes once used by Native Americans and pioneers and is the longest water trail in the United States.


  • Mountainman Outdoor Gear, 2839 NY State Route 28, +1 315 369-2300. Outdoors clothing and equipment, paddlesports shop (+1 315 369-6672). Moose River trips and boat rentals operate from Clark Avenue (+1 315 369-6670) and there's another set of locations in Saratoga Springs.


Old Forge is known for its unique style of rectangular Pizza.

  • Adirondack Dog House, 3169 Route 28. Hot dog stand, next to Water Safari.
  • Adirondack Pizzeria, 3105 State Route 28, +1 315 369-6028. Pizzeria and arcade, wings, finger food, salads and submarines.
  • Benny's Ice Cream, 2933 State Route 28 (Main Street), +1 315 369-6636.
  • Billy's, 3047 Main Street, +1 315 369-2001. Italian-American
  • Daikers, 161 Daikers Circle, +1 315 369-6954. noon-9PM (restaurant), bar closes 2AM, reduced hours/closed Tuesdays off-season. Restaurant with bar, finger food, pizza and live music. Fish fry 5PM-9PM every Friday.
  • Frankie's Taste of Italy, 2824 State Route 28, +1 315 369-2400. Italian food, gelato.
  • Keyes Pancake House, 2967 Route 28, +1 315 369-6752. 7AM-2PM. Breakfast and diner food.
  • Tony Harper's Pizza & Clam Shack, 3062 Main St, +1 315 369-3777. 11AM-10PM daily, midnight on weekends.



  • The Fulton House, 200 Fulton House Way, +1 315 360-6496. Family owned and operated, five cottages for weekly rental, overlooking scenic 4th lake.
  • North Woods Inn & Resort, 4920 NY 28 (Fourth Lake, Old Forge), +1 315 369-6777. Accommodation, fine and casual dining, tap room, boat slips, rentals, weddings and events
  • Water's Edge Inn, 3188 State Route 28, +1 315 369-2484.



  • Old Forge Library, 220 Crosby Blvd, +1 315 369-6008. Special Adirondack collection, 24/7 wi-fi, used books for sale, free programs.

Go next[edit]

  • Central New York. Utica is 50 miles (80 km) to the south.

Routes through Old Forge

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Why is it called Old Forge, NY? ›

In 1789, he and James Sutton built a forge for the purpose of converting ore into iron. It stood miles above the mouth of the Lackawanna River and many referred to it as the “Old Forge,” for which the borough would later be named.

What is the elevation of Old Forge, NY? ›

How did Valley Forge get its name? ›

The name Valley Forge comes from the iron forge built along Valley Creek in the 1740s. By the time of the American Revolution, a sawmill and gristmill had been added, making this place an important American supply base.

What is the oldest forge in the world? ›

Wortley Top Forge is a Scheduled Ancient Monument to the Iron Industry of South Yorkshire. It is also an Industrial Museum with many working exhibits.

How did Old Forge, Pennsylvania get its name? ›

On the south bank of the Lackawanna River was located the iron forge built in 1789 by Dr. William Smith and James Sutton. This was the region's oldest forge, after which the town was named.

Who owns old forge hardware? ›

In 2008, Mike Wilcox's daughter Erica and her husband Terry Murray became the new store owners. Although the iconic store was changing hands, the Cohen and Wilcox families had been associated with one another for four generations.


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