Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (2024)

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (1)

Start the year with new books!

Here’s everything new that’s coming to a bookstore near you this season from all our imprints: Sasquatch Books, Spruce Books, and Little Bigfoot.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (2)

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (3)

My Baby’s Book
By Anne Phyfe Palmer

From the author of This Life of Mine and This Family of Ours comes a new keepsake legacy journal, My Baby’s Book. This gorgeously crafted book provides a place for a proud parent or grandparent to record and reserve the memories, moments, and milestones of a new baby’s arrival—beyond the first year! Something truly special that will be cherished throughout their life.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (4)

Tulips (Little Book of Flowers series)
By Tara Austen Weaver

After a drab winter, tulips triumphantly emerge from the spring garden, a colorful symbol of rebirth. The newest in this colorful bouquet of books, Tulips is a charming hardcover that makes a perfect hostess gift, Mother’s Day present, or treat for yourself! It’s a little love letter to this beloved spring beauty bursting with tips, trick, and facts.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (5)

On Island Time: A Traveler’s Atlas
By Chandler O’Leary

This quirky illustrated travel guide showcases the hidden delights, natural wonders, and singular history of Washington and British Columbia’s islands, from the author of The Best Coast. Chock-full of unusual facts, hidden histories, and roadside attractions, this offbeat island adventure celebrates a slower lifestyle that is diverse, fascinating, and altogether magical.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (6)

The Climate Action Handbook
By Heidi Roop, PhD

This must-have book shows us WHY we need to act now to combat climate change and then, critically, HOW to act, through easy-to-understand language and stunning infographics that offer each of us varied and doable solutions to the overwhelming challenges facing our planet. It’s approachable, digestible, a road map for action, and the book every household needs.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (7)

The School of Hard Talks
By Emily Kline, PhD

Want to have better relationships with the teens and young adults in your life? Backed by research, this practical, engaging guide by a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist will help you connect and communicate. This five-step program based on Motivational Interviewing (MILO) gives parents simple takeaways for learning how to connect with their almost adult children.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (8)

Makini’s Vegan Kitchen
By Makini Howell

The 10th anniversary edition of the Plum cookbook from nationally renowned chef and entrepreneur Makini Howell. Rediscover her innovative plant-based recipes that defined vegan fine dining. Not only are they mouthwatering and hearty, but they are also allergen-friendly and often gluten-free, soy-free, or both! Cooking vegan with Makini proves that eating meat-free can include satisfying and tasty food.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (9)

The Happy Home
By Chelsea Foy, Forward by Joy Cho

This lovely and inspirational guide, organized around six joyful qualities, will show you how to create a happier home, through prompts, quick fixes, afternoon projects, and mindful design and organization. Lovely Indeed creator Chelsea Foy has 50 ideas to brighten your mood throughout your home. This cheerful book will help you create a space you love and one that loves you back!

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (10)

By David Schmader

From Twin Peaks to Twilight, Practical Magic to Portlandia!, this guide highlights the celebrated film and television filmed or set in the Pacific Northwest. Extensively researched and curated by culture writer David Schmader, it features hilarious synopses, behind-the-scenes facts, trivia, and scenic highlights. A list of more than 200 movies and TV shows, it’s the ultimate PNW watchlist for any cinephile.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (11)

Pasta for All Seasons
By Michela Tartaglia

Combining fresh ingredients and fresh pasta into innovative dishes, rising Seattle chef Michela Tartaglia serves up delicious dishes from the counter of her locally adored Pike Place Market restaurant Pasta Casalinga. This cookbook shares 50 of her stunning yet approachable recipes that combine authentic Italian flavors with seasonal regional ingredients. It’s al bacio and a must-have for home cooks!

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (12)

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (13)

100 Ways to Say No
By Nicole Monente

Do you find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no? From the creator of the popular Instagram account @scribblesbynicole comes this collection of funny and relatable “scenari-nos” for overcoming your inner people pleaser, setting appropriate boundaries, and getting to no. Everyone needs healthy boundaries—let this charming book help you set them and make learning to say no much easier.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (14)

How Am I Feeling Right Now?
By Spruce Books

“Name it and tame it” with this guided journal designed to help you identify your emotions—a simple yet powerful tool for mindful living. This unique journal provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use list of more than 800 feelings, emotions, and sensations to help you figure out what you are feeling at any moment. The result of noticing, naming, and understanding? A calmer, more mindful state of being.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (15)

My Walking Life
By Spruce Books

Bringing together the many benefits of walking and journaling, these pages offer thoughtful prompts and lots of space to note where you went, what you saw along the way, and how you felt about it. It’s an illustrated guided journal perfect for anyone who enjoys walking!

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (16)

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (17)

Baba’s Gift
By Ariana Shaheen Amini and Christina Maheen Amini, Illustrated by Elaheh Taherian

A perfect read-aloud for parents, grandparents, and teachers, this is a radiant celebration of a Persian father’s love of family, from his boyhood in Iran to his new life in America. Written in the voice of two daughters, this story inspires curiosity about other cultures and connection between generations.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (18)

Curious Kids Nature Journal
By Fiona Cohen, Illustrated by Marni Fylling

Full of journaling prompts and activities focused on the natural world, this companion to the bestselling Curious Kids Nature Guide will encourage kids to get outdoors and engage with nature. With writing, drawing, and activity prompts, this journal inspires kids to use their senses to explore nature in their backyards and beyond!

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (19)

Nobody Likes Frogs
By Barbara Davis-Pyles, Illustrated by Liz Wong

According to Persnickety Q. Turtle, nobody likes frogs! So why would you pick up a book about them? In this humorous picture book, readers help Persnickety learn to love frogs, sharing fun frog facts and teaching him about these amazing amphibians.

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (20)

When Summer Comes
By Aimee M. Bissonette, Illustrated by Erin Hourigan

A poetic children’s book celebrating nature in the summer season, this follow-up to When Winter Comes is about the joy of being outdoors and discovering wildlife during the summer months. Perfect for families who enjoy exploring outside!

Spring 23 New Releases - Sasquatch Books (2024)


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